Company Profile

Established Nov 2013

Ferris Engineering is a well-structured civil works administrated company conducting their business according to the highest civil engineering standards. The company continually seeks the latest civil innovations to incorporate in their way of work to deliver on superior results with every project undertaken. This is acknowledged in the high client satisfaction reported.

Date of Establishment November 2013
Legal Status

Limited Liability Company

Société à Responsabilité Limité (S.A.R.L) _Madagascar

Capital Currency of Operation 1’500 000 000.00 Ariary
Company Reach National territory of Madagascar
Business Address & Contact Details

Address: Lot 01A Ambohibao Antehiroka Antananarivo (105), Madagascar

Tel: +261 (0) 32 1148 146/ +261 (0) 20 2248 270/ +261 (0) 34 95 672 43


Registered Bank Number 00008 00015 02001010698 52 – BFV-SG Ankorondrano Trano Fitaratra
Registered Company Number 2013 B 00876 Antananarivo
Statistical Identification Number 41001 11 2013 0 11085 Antananarivo 20 November 2013
Tax Identification Number 2 001 461 315 21 November 2013 Antananarivo
Tax Reference N° 0142485/DGI-A 21 November 2013 Antananarivo
  • Technical surveys and implementation of all civil engineering and building works;
  • Rehabilitation and reconstruction of all real estate property;
  • Provision of hardware and building materials;
  • Importation services of all civil works materials;
  • Real estate development
  • Architecture and interior design services

Services, Resources and Equipment

Buildings, Roads, Earthworks & Civil Engineering

Civil Services, Technical Advice, Logistics and other services to streamline your project for an effortless experience.

Consultancy services

A team, highly-skilled in the field of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Construction, ready to take your project from A to B.

Equipment & Machines For Hire

Heavy Duty Earth-moving Equipment and High Quality Construction Tools and Machinery available for Hire.