About Us

Hard Work. Commitment. Honesty.

Since 2013

Ferris is under the leadership of visionaries, relentless in their quest to deliver on the absolute best there is to offer in Madagascar. Our single most valuable asset is our team, most of whom have been with us since our story started in 2013. The team consists of highly skilled individuals with expertise in all disciplines of civil works. We also partner with industry leaders to strengthen our value offering and ensure the best outcome for each project.


  • We are hardworking, honest, and reliable
  • Our team is capable and have a hands-on approach
  • We offer end-to-end construction services
  • An entire fleet of earthmoving equipment and machinery
  • Experience and knowledge of the geographical layout of Madagascar


We strive to be the industry’s leader in delivering the highest quality construction projects in Madagascar.


To continuously provide civil services that exceed the expectations of our valued clients.


To build meaningful and lasting relationships with our clients and the community, in providing exceptional service through integrity, innovation and synergy of expertise.

Core Values

Ferris treats all clients, suppliers, team members and the community at large, with respect and professionalism. Transparency and integrity are fundamental in every touchpoint of our business.


To make a meaningful contribution to the development of Madagascar.

Ferris Engineering is grounded on a foundation driven to develop the community of Madagascar at large whilst having mutually beneficial outcomes for commerce. We are passionate not only about contributing to the infrastructure of business but also to the community. On-going support and funding toward society is a key value of the company with select building projects focusing on the under developed communities within Madagascar. Ferris Engineering continues to implement the highest civil engineering principles to deliver on superior results whilst maintaining the strong work ethos we are known for.